“It should be totally different kind of device in how you utilise it, you should still be able to communicate when you’re truly mobile. When I’m at the gym, I don’t want to have to strap something to my arm, I don’t want to worry about cords while I’m jump-roping.”
— The slightly dubious logic behind Will.i.am’s new tech innovations, the smart… cuff. Read more here.
“Artists hire managers to look after their business, but I wasn’t able to do that properly from the ticketing data I received. What was I supposed to do with CSV files with email addresses? What we need is business intelligence that helps us plan tours and grow fanbases by engaging with fans properly.”
— Former artist manager Phil Hutcheon on his motivations for setting up a ticketing company Dice.fm. Read more here.
“The actual reasons for the failure of the [London] event were well known in the industry. We have found many people we worked with in the past to be very sympathetic, especially given our history prior to the London event. We weren’t the only organisation to be badly burned by the whole thing – but we were perhaps the most high profile.”
— Bloc Weekend co-founder Alex Benson on building the festival brand back up again. Read more here.