Listen to a playlist of new music featured in the CMU Approved column in September 2014.


• Sable Noir – Banana Coins
• Bear’s Den – Above The Clouds Of Pompeii
• Magic Man – Texas
• Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite
• Ariel Pink – Put Your Number In My Phone
• Peter Broderick – Colours Of The Night (Satellite Version)
• Role – Holy
• Eagulls – Hollow Visions
• Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (feat Emma Louise)
• Future Brown – Wanna Party (feat Tink)
• Alex G – Hollow
• Cibo Matto – Deja Vu
• Andy Stott – Violence
• Anushka – Mansions
• Homeshake – Cash Is Money
• FEMM – Whiplash

Listen to SBTRKT collaborator Denai Moore

“While nobody seriously suggests that certain bands should be ‘off limits’ to mainstream output like Radio 2, there is a balance to be struck and one that more specifically fulfils the criteria laid out for both Radio 1 and Radio 2.”
— The BBC’s pop radio stations should be playing less poop, reckons commercial radio industry trade body RadioCentre. Read more here.

They’re sentient mannequins with a grudge against humanity, but their music is good. Check out FEMM.

“We wanted to do things right – ethically and fairly – and to make sure that we brought a value to our artists. To make promises, and keep them. Pretty much everything else has changed through the passage of time though. Originally we were only going to release things on vinyl, and never CDs, for example. But we found that you have to adapt to the market when acting in the best interests of your artists and their ambitions and, as long as you keep the important parts at heart, flexibility is a good thing.”
— Transgressive Records co-founder Tim Dellow on sticking to your principles as an indie label. Read more here.
“I never like to see anything free. We’ve never played the pricing game. There’s a misconception that recorded music sales are not an important piece of the mix of any artist business. They’re still really important.”
— Beyonce’s marketing chief Jim Sabey on why she won’t be giving any albums away for free. Read more here.
“It’s been a really weird year in the music industry. The majors seem like they’ve absolutely given up on the idea of selling people music. There’s no clear path for new artists. The biggest album of the year is the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack. The most innovative thing you’ve seen is Apple releasing a tool to remove an album. There’s nothing good happening out here. We think [artists] should be able to earn a fair wage from their work.”
— BitTorrent’s Matt Mason on teaming up with Thom Yorke for the release of his new solo album. Read more here.